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Love is in the air!!!!!

In the month of February, the children will be working on different valentine’s crafts from luv bugs to bouquets of hearts. We will also focus on shapes and colors. We will explore the different colors in the rainbow and a range of geometric shapes.

Dates to Remember:

    • February 12 Family Day daycare closed

    • *****Every Friday is Pizza day Bring $5*****


Just a reminder that if your child is sick, has a fever or something that is contagious it is advisable to keep your child at home until they feel better. We understand that all our families are busy with work and it is very hard to take time off, however, it is difficult for the child to focus and have fun when they are not feeling well. Also it could be a potential hazard to the child, other children and the staff at the center.

Please understand that we have this protocol in place for the safety and wellbeing of everyone attending Creative All Stars Daycare.Thank you for your understanding

Important information

  • In Case of Fire, Earthquake, Natural Disaster:
  • If we are not able to go back to our building, the Salvation Army /Surrey Alliance Church building then we will go Queen Elizabeth Secondary School

First Aid Kit

In an emergency, we need to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. We require that each child have an emergency kit at the daycare. If you would rather purchase an emergency kit for your child, please let one of our teachers know. We have them for $10.00

Daycare Requires:

  • Inside shoes to wear indoors only: Fire safety requirements that we were shoes inside in case of emergency that we are all wearing shoes or slippers with grip at the bottom of soles if we need to vacate the building.
    Also, children lie down and play on our inside carpets and floors, so outside shoes are not appropriate for indoors.
  • Do not forget to sign in your child(ren) at the beginning of the day and sign them out at the end of the night.
  • Just a reminder that Fees are due on or before the beginning of the month. A $5.00 late fee for each day a payment is late.
  • The centre OPENS and CLOSES promptly at 6:15 am and 6:00 pm. Due to insurance reasons we cannot have children in the building before or after these times. Please respect this policy. If you are running late please be sure to call the center as soon as possible. A LATE FEE of $1 per minute must be paid to the closing staff. Thank you.
  • A Box of Kleenex goes a long way. Please bring in a box of Kleenex to share with friends.It’s a good practice for children to learn to clean themselves when they need to. Thank you for those who continue to contribute.
  • A reminder please for parents to keep the door closed behind them when entering and exiting the centre

Children’s Snacks and Lunches

Please ensure your child(ren) have enough snacks for their time spent at the childcare center. We would like to encourage healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cheese and crackers etc. Please do not send your child(ren) with Popcorn, chocolate bars, lollipops, or any type of sugary treats.

Due to licensing regulations, your child(ren) lunch must be sent ready to be heated in an appropriate container. Canned food items, Mr. Noodles, Mac and cheese must be prepared at home and sent in a container to reheat at lunchtime. Lunches and Snack that take more than a minute to microwave will be sent home. Thank you for your cooperation.



6:30 am to 6:00 pm - Free Play, Worksheets,
Pre-Writing and Pre- Reading Activities

9:30- 10:00- Snack Time

10:00- 10:15 - Circle Time

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